Dresses that lead you.

So what's that creature, that manages to be ostentatiously geek with no shame, and wears Chanel's Khaki nail polish while typing? It's a fashion blogger, clearly! A real one! Those who actually get read!

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I took these portraits at a very exclusive swanky party in Florence which I wasn't exactly properly invited to. That was kind of awkward, actually. That girl I know won the invitation right, and didn't intend to go. I thought it was a shame to throw an invitation away, because well, it's not like I get one very often. And it was challenging to try and get away from all that "the more the merrier" public university philosphy we follow here. Or that's what I thought at least. But honestly, I believed it to be a bit more easy. There was security there, seriously? Bloggers who gave me their buisness card! I found that pretty amazing to be honest.
Anyway, i had another reason to absolutely go. At the time I had just bought that, and I really really badly needed an occasion to wear it. No matter if I had to catch four trains and run a lot to get to Florence in time.

pic via catwalkqueen.tv. But I've got it, really.

Speaking about that Lanvin for H&M experience, girls, that was a fight. It was my first time and I found it fucking thrilling. They should give training courses though. Or soldiers' helmets. Or full soldiers, that would be nice. It's not like I'm even so much into Lanvin, you know? But it was such an exciting event, filled with people as fucked up as you are, and you really fell like you're elbowing your way into history! Okay, that was a bit too much but you got me.

go watch Lynn Hirschberg chat with Alber! I'm ridiculously moved.

When I said I am not so much into Lanivin, I obviously meant besides Alber Elbaz. The things I wouldn't do to that man.


Leather Trip

It's been a while ago really, but I've never shared these. I took them during our so-very-amusing tannery school-trip. Not the sweetest scented of the places but it made me genuinely interested in leather. And now I'm fingering your car's seats seriously shaking my head with disappointment.

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Taken by GRUPPO DANI SPA tannery. Their slogan says something like "skin in soul". That's fucking clever man.


Rodarte and the Swan Lake

I wrote this for premièreshooting.com, and here's the english for you fellows. See I never stop caring.

For those of you who missed it while more or less successfully inauguarting Venice Film Festival in September, Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan is getting more and more "reachable" (not really yet officially out in Italy. but lads, I know how badass you are). Clearly blind to tulle and feathers' masteries, critics blamed it for predictability, but the movie managed to bring Natalie a best actress nomination, 'cause she's so good at what she does. Darren and Natalie have been working at this projet since 2000, and time helped to develop a role which cineblog.it calls "sewn on Portman". What was really sewn on her though were Rodarte's first movie contribution's inevitably stunning costumes. 40 ballet clothes plus essential jewels like the oxidized copper crown for the grand final.

stills via livejournal.

It seems that designing clothes for the girls to go through an arabesque and save their dignity caused unespected technical issues for Kate and Laura to deal with, but I can remember the ladies' pretty knitwear uniforms for freestyle skiers and snowboarders of the 21st Winter Olympic Games, and so do you.

photos by Tony Cenicola and Ryan McGinley, via nitrolicious and refinery29

Oh, very convenient fluttering in the air while you're wearing a Rodarte suit.

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