Margiela spring 2011

They're already there.

Kirby Kenny by Stefania Paperelli for Grey Issue III. Stylist Ondine Azoulay at her best.
See the wholly worth ed "Tuesday 22.06.10" on
Fashion Copious.

Summer is going to be amazing.


2011 girl and how to find fun in fashion.

A small taste of those shows that have made summer 2011 worth waiting.
Guess which ones I'm talking about! And yeah, I think that's funny.

I see a lot of canary and shades of blue.
shots from dazeddigital, mykromag and vogue.com.
and Kristen McMenamy stunning performance from showstudio.

Ok, so now I pissed you off. You'll find solutions in tags. But people, let me tell you, you need to have more fun.

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