the lace there used to be.

Berlin people is reluctant to throw away stuff. Stuff that has been around, and gets filled with habits, and thoughts, and intimacy, until you can't really suffer to keep them anymore. But Berlin people has grown a sense of guilt in throwing things away. It's probably because old Berlin stuff is often filled with suffering, and in front of suffering and seniority we have all been taught to feel uncomfortable. So they swap it. They sell their stuff to someone who they believe will care about it, and they buy someone else's stuff, because they are used to feel the value suffering has given to things, which could be movingly interesting when it's not their own. Things go from owner to owner, they collect feelings, they move again.
With faded old photos things are even more complex. Because they carry feelings from the very begin of their existence, and later events usually deepen them further. You can read these from the way the subject poses, the fixed gestures, the inner tension, the evasive look, the white lips' curve.
I'm sharing a bit of what I've found.

this one looks so gallantly fake. There's lace even within the doll's hair. Pottery is spotless and hats are pure joy. On the left, behind the man, you can catch a glimpse of another noble tea-party. I wish I know when that was taken. That forest totally looks like the one Marie Antoniette firstly met the Dauphin of France. I mean in the overly famous movie with Kristen, which was bah, but OH-THESE-COSTUMES.

This one dates 1939 and makes me daydream intensively. Where did they come from? I'm persuaded that river is the Mississippi. Because of the boat, maybe, or because I've seen so many movies within these surroundings. They are all snobbishly sulky, and their leader looks like a weary Mary Poppins.

This one dates 24 November 1917. It's astonishing how they all look alike. They seem a living genealogical tree. Biology is amazing.

He's like the luckiest newborn baby ever, while the girls on the right look like proudly sporting a Third Reich uniform. But I'm not sure about that, usually in movies they look shorter. But maybe for another reason. Still, the short one look quite similar to that woman on the right down there, maybe she was a model? Oh, damn, I'll never know that.

Frilled collar, dévoré, passementerie, lace, dentelles, macramé. Oh, I actually miss these people now.

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