Juergen Teller + Jude Law

I've been thinking about Juergen lately. Some people are just so presumptuous. This would include me normally, but recently I happen to read some so pointlessly harsh critics over him, which really made me think people should get out and get a life, seriously. He hasn't pee in your shoes yet, he's just trying to earn his living. Obviously some other people are defending him strenuously. Who couldn't get a couple of paladins, nowadays? God bless modern martyrs. There are raising Teller as a rebel within the fashion system, the guy who's mocking it from the inside by showing his middle finger to glossy paper while opting for cheap interiors and amateurish carelessness. Thank you Juergen for brighten us like a breath of fresh air from the glamorous lethargy of the industry. Maybe you can already tell I'm not much into this point of view. When did people complain about glamorous lethargy? wasn't it fine? Isn't it still? Besides, I don't even think that if Juergen Teller is a photographer, then we all can be one. I certainly don't think he doesn't know what he's doing. I don't think his photographs are ugly, or that they make people look bad, or that they are unfashionable, as I can always see clothes stand out clearly when they're are the point of these campaigns. He's surely not careless. His slightly oblique horizons, these pale gentle flashes, people so untimely uninhibited, there features are meticulously calibrated, everything reaches its place when he finally shoots. The way we can't distinguish floor and walls, so that guests seem to float, and yet that kitschy plastic scratching dogs on the night table stand out so bright, that's his mastery. The way his shoots look so familiarly shoddy, it's just a respectable fake. Something like Coco move in choosing to use fake jewels. We call it sprezzatura, a clever appearance of nonchalance.

Syled by Camilla Nickerson for W Magazine. I would seriously hire them both to furnish my flat. Via The Fashion Spot.

Now, because we've all repeatedly seen his awsome campaigns for Marc Jacobs or Vivienne Westwood, I choose to post something a bit old but still pretty charming. And as everybody loves Jude Law so much that the peace dove should be named after him, there will be no fights about this.

Via The Fashion Spot.

Oh Jude Law*. Just to chat a bit also about him, where I liked him most where "Wilde" next to Stephen Fry and "The Talented Mr. Ripley" next to Matt Damon. And yes, I do watch hetero movies. Sometimes.

Via still life with monkey and cigarette.

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