Diane Pernet and my pudding dress.

The reason I've been off for such a while is, as always, duty. But while slaving, something incredible happened to me and I just need to peacock now. DIANE PERNET SPOKE TO ME! I mean she did! Really! Looking flowingly made out of Indian ink. She stopped by, looked at what I was wearing, (she looked at what I was wearing!) and asked:
-Did you make this?-
And then I said:


Whatever. Let me share what I made instead. Simplicity was really not an option this quartet. "Tout à coup Marcel se rappelle d'un rêve" is the name. (forgive the setting. I wasn't sleeping in three days to finish the thing.)

It had to be completely white because it's just the toile. But the definitive one should be mainly as white as this is. There are real candies inside the pudding collar. All white candies. And there are little slides sewn within the sangallo lace at the end of the skirt. Which is filled with cotton wool and quilted with jelly shapes. The piece above has to be a nightgown wrapped around the body. You may find in fact two more sleeves if you look carefully. There's a Peter Pan collar around the right armhole. Followed by a smock stitched carré. And after the pictures were taken I had to end it all with a huge buster Brown Bow on top of everything. If you have guts enough, you can see it on vogue.

Yeah, I posted it anyway. It is the big one in foreground. But if you want, you can see it on vogue. Did I say that already? To see it on vogue, you have to click on the word vogue and follow the link.

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