Sabine Pigalle

Sabine's works as a self-taught artist show us there's really no point in keeping our studies. Her art photography babies are modern, fashionable, skillfully minimalist, stunningly sharp, poetically malicious, always edible and much much more. The controlled use of color, the predilection for asian nature, the silvery powder, the good taste. she reminds me a bit of Madame Peripetie, in a sort of evolved, more thoughtful way. And her Protectors series reminds me a bit too much of Alex and Felix's Queen serie, but it saves itself by ending up in a really finer, cleaner work. My personal favs however are the Beauty Sheets serie and the Paris <--> Tokyo one, where she reveals a fashion taste also <3>

"Protectors", via artfacts.net

"Beauty Sheets" via Cyana Trend Land

"Paris <--> Tokyo" via Cyana Trend Land

Alex and Felix "Queen Tin" from alexandfelix.com

Oh! And I also do worship her movies! There something both holy and embarassing in that golsfish soup.
And from tomorrow on, just impudently white make up.

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