Mickey Rourke unpredictable model career.

Is that really Mickey Rourke, carefreely and boldly peacocking with a fake bored look down the Comme des Garçons 1995-1996 runway?
Oh! So vigorous, virile, rough, those where the men we used to like in the Nineties! With that typical stern look in their eyes, shaped by years of brawls to protect their ladies!
Those were hard times for our skinny queerish baby models of nowadays!

I do love you all, skinny queerish baby models of nowadays. That was really just to emphasize. I do love you all, and especially I do love the skinniest, queerest and babiest of you all, I do love you Alex. I do I do I do.

Here portrayed by Hedi Slimane under the styling of Nicola Formichetti.
See the full "California Teens" editorial on Nicola's website or Hedi's diary.

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