Cerebral editorials to train glamorous minds

I am so much excited about the turn fashion editorials are so bravely and professionally taking nowadays! It looks as if they're slowly spectacularly losing the point. And I do love the point, really, oh-I-so-much-do. But I'm amazed by these new cheap masterpieces, in which if you happen to see a body part, it will most-likely be naked, and not really always attached to a body. We don't see many fabrics anymore, and if the description tells about some gorgeous leather sandals, you can realistically expect a Bambi-like close-up with the unfailing messy bed-hair. Still, I really can't help but loving loving loving. It seems like a beneficial intellectual secret plot to force groundbreaking culture in lazy laid-next-pool minds. Here one of my personally recent favourite, named "Exhale", short and poetic as a Japanese haiku.

photos by Will Davidson for Dazed, starring (could you tell?) Jenny and Aminata. via Fashionising.

And, as your smart eye has surely already guessed from the qr code, there's also a video which sort of explain a sort of plot. Please. Feast your eyes on that white lace on Aminata perfect dark skin.

Oh! Those infallible captivity-theme and hotel bedroom! They remind me of my BIG big big love Eugenio Recuenco only with much more hope and above all company.

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