Bowl hair and plum cake's shades

Just back from London, and we all know how much that IS the city. Style breaks out screaming from every corner, every greenish evergreen Irish pub, every glittered garish saucy playhouse, and if you look carefully you will find it bravely peeping out of the fluorescent orange uniforms of the tube staff. And oh-my-god these shops. With assistants illegally pretty and polite. I shopped so much I could hardly save some pounds for eating, but as my teacher keeps saying, that's just another bad habit.
I also managed to get that almost-insaningly-desired Fantaghirò-like haircut I was such a long time longing for.

And I got it for free! I mean HOW COOL IS THAT. Oh Mireille, how you always knew it. This couldn't be but the haircut of the summer.

After the typical londonian rain it lost a bit of its charm but I can't say I'm not VERY MUCH satisfied about it.

Obviously paired with my personal clear and determinate spring summer color palette: mould and dust are the new black and beige is already pretty shocking.


  1. just tell me how much do i love you NOW with those hair of yours <3
    comunque io te l'ho sempre detto che con il taglio corto un pò stile caschetto stai meglio che con qualsiasi altra cosa. poi vabbè, qui c'è il sublime.

  2. and you still haven't seen me after high water's moisture here in Venice.


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