Back with Strenght Dress and Alex nostalgia.

So. I've been absent for a while, about three months really, dues to educational heavy-above-the-law engagements. By the way, in few words, I started design and construction of models, just to realize I am really heedless and the usual crap with handiworks, sewing especially. While I was trudging behind others in my sewing path, I won the erasmus contest and I'm moving to Bristol next January -yayyy!- so, I will have to start learning long drinking and re-watch all Skins series to get some behavioural clues. So i-m-m-e-n-s-e-l-y slow, the end of this trimester courses came and I also managed to get away with my Strength Dress project, about which I am so groundlessly proud I can't help but sharing it (the pictures are taken in one of the many old, so much suggestive that I don't know how nobody decided to shoot a movie in one of them, psychiatric hospitals of my little town -which was popular for them in the eighties!-.)

So, after this peacockly self-excursus, let's talk about THE BIG THINGS. Mainly in this 2010 beginning, the most touching-unespected-shocking-poetical somehow obviously theatrically showy event was the flight away of Mister Alexander. In our reptilian varnished hearts, you'll live forever, queen of the stilts. Catwalk wonders already been posted, I've chosen to repropose the campaign starring Aimee Mullins, one of te best in my opinion to celebrate McQueen ability in shaping dreams, not just clothes:

photo via The Dawn Chorus

An now, to end up smiling anyway, I'm posting few lines from a telephone call between him and David Bowie. Talents grow bigger togheter, and they probably talked on the phone because if they meet face to face the light of their genius would shine so bright to blind people around. But they talk like they are simply human beings, so properly down to earth, so unjustifiedly, brilliantly, charmingly unpretentious.

DB: We could put this on the record right now... are you going to make it over here for the VH-1 Fashion Awards?
AM: When is it?

DB: October 24th or something...
AM: My fashion show is on the 22nd.

DB: So you're probably not going to make it. You know I am wearing the Union jacket on that, because millions of people deserve to see it.
AM: You've got to say, 'This is by McQueen'! (Laughs)

DB: Gail will be wearing all her clobber as well.
AM: Oh, she's fab!

DB: Oh, she wears it so well.
AM: I'd love to do your tour clothes for you again.

DB: Oh, well that's great. I can't wait to be properly fitted up this time!
AM: Yeah, definitely. But I've got to see you. I don't want wrist measurements over the phone - I'm sure you lie about your waist measurements as well! (Laughs)

DB: No, not at all...
AM: Cos you know some people lie about their length! (Laughs)

DB: I just said I'd never lie about the inside leg measurement.
AM: What side do you dress David, left or right? (Laughs)
DB: Both!
AM: Yeah, right.

DB: No. Yes. Well, maybe.

read the full interview on Dazed.

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