Writtenafterwards spiritual journey along the catwalk.

God walks down on catwalk to check what the hell Writtenafterwards is planning for this summer. And, he brings his cat.
I think Yoshikazu Yamagata's heart is admirable and I love the way he jokes with mass expectations with spicy irony. I find amazing the way his metaphors communicate after all also a fashion trend: white, long, rough, genuine and unaffected clothes and dry, long, light, frizzy hair. He brings freshness and playfulness to a lately tired fashion world which is turning more and more conservative wile feeling comfortable in his old must haves.
But, I have to say, soon or later will this genial designer delight us with some sort of clothes?

Remember how we should have dressed up this winter according to him?

Not that I didn't love the all wrapped paper thing but what's next?
Will we be proudly hipping around naked next season? Or covered by pink smoke? Or shrouded in charcuterie?
Be careful Yoshikazu, not let infamous tell that you simply can't come out with a somehow wearable idea. Not that I ever thought something like that.

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