Thank you Zara for giving us that Rodarte we can't afford.

Ok, this isn't really the same stuff, but I actually thought it gave the idea. By the way, first pictures of me, yee. Ye, I'm pretty. Have to search for a better location thought. A better photographer, a better model. Far more better clothes.

photos from Opening Ceremony.

Look that Rodarte man. Don't you think we would look rather happy together? I actually do. Look the sweet appealing contrast between tatoos and the intellectual-nerd imagine given by glasses and the practical way he fixes them on his nose. Days in biblios nights in clubs. Yee, that's Rodarte man. And Rodarte man has to be mine, whoever he is.

Please note: I'm aware of the whole Target-thing really. I just wished I lived somewhere where shops weren't just places with changing rooms to hide in in order to fix your panties out of your ass-line, while pretending to be trying a pair of torn-baggy-hip-hop blue jeans with an insulting spanish sentence about your mama sexual behaviour on their back.

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