A Single Man

You should never, never talk about a movie just after having seen it. You really should better sleep on it, and see what does it taste like the morning after. I'm just home from the cinema, and it appears like Tom isn't only the father every sunglasses wishes to have. A movie is always preety good if you walk out smiling, filled with life-resolution that you'll never follow, and firmly convinced of having learned some subtle secret truth the director whispered between the frames, which clearly has passed unnoticed by all the other spectators. Who also weren't so much, with everybody puncturing the neightbour's pneumatics hoping to gain some more chance to find a place for Avatar. I'm also persuaded that when you can show you liked a book because it's well written, even if the plot for itself is kind of dramatically slow and predictable, through a movie which is not, you deserve a big clapping. And, what I always find also in all these shortfilms to promote a collection that lately have been the last trend for bored brilliant fashion designers, especially those with snow-like hair and black sunglasses: the meticulous obstinate attention for every single object of the scenery, every shade of colour, every murmured word, every shooting angle and every single seam. It's so clear when you're interested in beautiful things. And, there was SO MUCH sexual tension, like, the audience was burning sitting on the edge of the stalls.

Sunglasses where still AMAZING, by the way. Especially I loved these worn by Nicholas while sensually "knocking on Colin's window". The tortoise on american tan, paired with turquoise eyes and Ken-nish hairstyle, yummi!:

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The team's look:

AND Tom's seems still not ready to let that pretty boy walk away easily. Nicholas is apparently going to be the new face everybody was waiting for for the summer campaign:

photo via the fashion spot.

Nicholas peacocoks about his galloping career while being shot by Tom himself ("step back Karl, I can do everything too.):

photos via image amplified.

All this has to teach you mainly something boys: side parting is back.

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