Charlie Le Mindu

Did I ever tried to talk about hair without mentioning him? How could I ever have thought that that would have perhaps been possible? Ok, now I may seem I little bit obsessed with all that haired-stuff-thing, which I actually am. But when the little creatures of a talented odd hairdresser go back and forth on the catwalks of London fashion week, to stop on not less than Lady Gaga's head, I think very few firmly conservative people may avoid concerning about the topic. And eventually start desiring greedily eagerly and sort of aggressively one of these wigs.
My personal Charlie's fav for that summer (they make me wish to spend it somewhere enough cold):

photos via guardian.co.uk

Just to keep gossip about Gaga, now everybody seem to be eager to grab one of her barbies from the insane lovable accuracy and patience that only a real fan could have. And Mattel will certainly, soon.

pictures via pipeline.
Ok, the kermit-one is pretty cool, I must admit it. But you're almost no one if there's not a least one Barbie who looks like you, and all that enthusiasm seem a bit too flamboyant to me. I still want one them, anyway. But I want it queitly. What instead I still do want REALLY LOUD and nobody seem to have cared enough about is that Barbie:

Now, that's a doll with a fashion taste, wearing a Margiela must have.

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