So young so long.

And so I was all admired and enraptured and determined in listing all Jennifer's qualities and chating about her loong looong neck and suddenly I realized it's a feature I apparently really like in models. While reviewing my models folders and editorials and papers and stuff I fell into many many necks. And I understood that her monk-appeal isn't the only thing that makes me revere Ranya Mordanova so much:

photos via models.com and mondoraro.

I think it gives girls a very refined, slightly snob look, that does not concern sexuality but a maybe more intellectual appeal. They seem to understand something better from up there. Another couple of giraffes that I like:

photos via Dripbook and Life In Lomo.
The first is styled by Poddle Pusher, not sure but I think she's Du Juan. Second one I so much miss already is Daul Kim.

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