"Beauty Ends Where Intellect Begins"

So Abbey Sasha and Natasha refuse to wear Armadillos. Models striking now. What's next, will they start thinking? Get into politics? Stop shaving, burning Victoria Secret's bras?

Girls you're so beautiful! Women get surgery to get your nose! You have the most amazing work ever! You carry around pieces of art and you do not even have to pay for that! You are paid instead! A lot!

AND Armadillo are JUST SO LOVABLE. No better way to describe the future. A step with these, you'd already been in february 2010. In about eight years I will be able to buy a pair of them not-really-my-size in a corrupted discount out of town which will be closing for failure. By selling my house and car. And mum.

Take example from Daphne Guinness and Lady Gaga(would you ever imagine someone could say it?).
And not, we won't start calling modeling a dangerous work.

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